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    French Provencal Furniture

    Who has never dreamed of being in Provence? Yes, that beautiful region of the French Riviera that has inspired films, travels, books and also a very particular style of interior design: the French Provencal Furniture style. Country houses surrounded by flowering lavender plantations, ancient crockery with fine floral details and furniture in neutral tones, are part of the development of a style halfway between the classic French decoration and the rustic and rural environments of this type of construction outside from the city.

    What is the Provencal style?

    Today, the Provencal style goes far beyond the cottages of the French Riviera and is a trend that for several years is chosen when decorating a house (especially by those who are not so fanatical of the styles modern). It is best to buy Modern French Provencal Furniture.

    With the rise of the vintage and the rustic style, the Provencal decoration -which matches both-, began to be a trend. Its unpretentious elegance, light, and color of the pieces and that “decadent” point have made this style inspired by the French south, a whole style. If you are thinking of remodeling your house and giving it an air that goes back to the French countryside with a touch of rusticity, no doubt that the Provencal style may be what you need. Today we bring you some reasons why Buy Modern French Provencal Furniture.

    Gray and green Provencal

    Two typical colors of this area. If you want to give Provençal air to your home, try painting wooden furniture of these colors and sand it so it looks worn. A console for the entrance, a bedside table can be a good option to apply it.

    Provencal style bedrooms

    First of all, the colors of your bedroom should be characterized by the use of light tones. This color palette should be present in the bedding, the curtains, the decorative elements and also in the furniture. Another feature referred to precise furniture is that they have a vintage touch.

    The Provencal style prefers simple furniture to decorate its environments. In fact, he does not like rooms too full of things, with an excess of furniture that is almost always disadvantageous. So if you want to recreate this style in your home bet on light wood or iron furniture, with a rustic feel. They can be handmade furniture or even, if you are good at working with your hands, pieces that you have recycled with paint, for example.

    In the Provencal style, wooden furniture painted in light colors (white, yellow or gray), as well as white pickling. Soft yellow and vanilla are another option. On the other hand, the iron furniture brings a romantic touch to these interiors that are doing great. As for the antiques, they are perfect in Provencal style houses. Look for small but authentic pieces that add charm to the environments. Antique glass or ceramic objects and mirrors with a gold leaf frame are perfect.

    Leave Something to Chance

    Improvisation plays an important role in Provencal decoration. Be natural and feel comfortable. Provencal houses are “very vivid” and are 100% cozy, so having everything perfectly measured will not always work in your favor. To put practice these tips of the Provencal style and give your house very chic French look!

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