• Buy French Vintage Style Writing Desk for your Home Office
    Writing Desk for your Home Office

    Buying a French vintage style writing desk for your home office, it is very important to recognize it in its true form. When an item gets 100 years old, it calls as an antique and an item less than that calls Vintage. Antique and vintage desks are both valuable, however, vintage desks are more popular and valuable based on condition of the item. However, when it comes to buy a vintage-styled desk, a lot of research is required.

    Factors Need to Consider for Vintage Writing Desk

    You need to know more and more about the desk you tend to buy online so that you buy the right piece. There are some factors which are important to consider such as desk’s age, origin, style, quality and size. However, following are some of the factors which must be considered for buying a French vintage style writing desk;


    Vintage French style desks are revised form of antique and are more famous than antique designs. If you are buying a style French vintage desk for home, the alterations made in the item must be checked thoroughly. Alterations can be new hardware, stain and new wood used to shape the antique furniture in vintage style.


    Vintage furniture is not always perfect when it comes to construction because the item seems coming directly from the factory. The handmade vintage furniture used to be constructed with dovetailed tongue and grove joints or pegs whereas modern desks are being made through glues and screws. Delicate and complex carvings are also used to make the furniture valuable.

    Handles and Locks

    The French vintage furniture use to have drawer pulls which may or may not be original because drawer pull often break and they keep on replacing. When it comes to antique desks, they used to have drawer pulls which were made of short thread screwed directly into the drawer and an irregular shape of circular nut was used to tie it up. However, maker’s mark on the lock should be checked whether it is original or not.


    The older or antique desks used to have large writing surface along with additional storage areas or book cases. These things need to be checked while buying a French vintage desk for home or office. There are many things which are added after manufacturing such as carved wood on the top, polishing or wood pieces.

    Veneers and Inlays

    When wood is cut into thin slices and these slices are glued together, they are called veneers. Veneered wood is used for making different patterns and these patterns are called Inlays. However, if you are buying a French style antique/vintage desk, veneers and inlays must be thoroughly checked.

    Hence, your buying experience can become useful by following above factors as they are important to buy an ideal French vintage desk for home or office.

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