• Bedroom as Sanctuary

    A sanctuary is a place where you feel safe and protected. Your bedroom is your intimacy, your bubble, a refuge far away from problems, where you will find comfort and a calm retreat after a long day. It’s also a place to unwind, find oneself, think and meditate. Transforming your bedroom into a peaceful oasis is key to a night of healthy sleep conducive to reducing stress and health issues. Prepare for a good night’s sleep in a cosy serene bedroom. La Maison Chic has a large variety of bedroom furniture to help you create the bedroom you always dreamed of.

    How to make your bedroom a mindful sanctuary? 

    Choosing the right colours is a great first step for your new interior project. Prefer natural materials like wood or fabric for your décor, furniture and bedding because they help create a cleaner and more peaceful environment. They are also long-lasting and better for your health. Seek simplicity and go for more calming, soft colours and dusty tones such as blue and green. Avoid bright or intense colours like bright red or deep yellow. Blue, for example, is the colour of the mind and the best colour for your bedroom as it induces a feeling of tranquillity and promotes relaxation and serenity. Research has shown that blue helps lower your heart rate making it easier to fall and to stay asleep. Another study from the University of Sussex found that navy blue was the most reassuring colour in the world.

    Once you have selected a pleasant colour palette, you will have to find the bed that suits your interior. It’s the centrepiece of your bedroom so consider which design, size, material and shape will suit, enhance and maximise your space. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, therefore, finding the right bed is an important decision that must be taken carefully. Comfort and style are two essential points, sleeping well isn’t a luxury but a necessity so it’s recommended to spend a little extra on a good bed as it will last you for a long time. Upholstered beds combine modern trends with ultimate comfort and are extremely popular. Castello Black Upholstered King Size Bed and Ida Canopy Black Velvet Upholstered Bed are prime examples, pairing glamour and simplicity. For those who love having a luxurious and sophisticated bed in their bedroom, no need to hesitate, French beds are made for you. Taking strong influences from the elegance of the French nobility, the 5ft French Chateau King Size Mahogany Off White Painted Bed, also available in a smaller size, will elevate and enhance your abode instantly.

    When it comes to soft furnishings, sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers must be chosen carefully as they are essential to provide the warmth and comfort required to rest and rejuvenate. Think about the level of warmth you prefer and find soft duvets and pillowcases that pair effortlessly with your new bed. Featuring a traditional design, the Timeless King Size Duvet Set White & Charcoal, available in different sizes and colourways, offers a duvet and pillowcases with stitch detailing. Keen on velvet? Then you must have a look at our selection of velvet bedspreads. Charcoal, Neutral or Blush, all provide ultimate comfort and boast a refined appeal to help create the cosy yet refined atmosphere you are looking for. Don’t forget to incorporate rugs, they add texture and depth making your room feel like walking on a cloud. Incorporating high-quality soft furnishing is key to creating a soothing sleep environment.

    Place your headboard against the wall, try not to face the door or the windows and include two bedside tables on each side of the bed. Whether French, Venetian, mirrored, rococo, ornate, industrial, traditional or embossed bedside tables, find one that fits perfectly with your bed. The positioning of the bedside (preferably as near as possible to a light switch) and the space for a table lamp are important criteria you should keep in mind while purchasing your new bedside. Have a look at our luxurious range of French bedsides to match your French Bed. Looking for colourful and unique addition? Designed for sleek modernity, our Industrial Metal Lockers Storage Bedsides Cupboards blend industrial and vintage styles, make your choice quickly because they are always in demand!

    Then create a comforting, romantic ambiance with the lighting, it should be warm and reassuring. Well-displayed lighting helps improve your temperament and regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Placed at the side of your bed, a table lamp and wall light are essential elements for your bedroom. With its tall charismatic silhouette, Wrenna Brushed Brass Table Lamp boasts an attractive aesthetic and fits perfectly in a contemporary interior design. Another option is our Nori Wall And Reading Light available in a satin gold plate finish and bright nickel finish which is ideal for reading before sleeping. Don’t hesitate to add natural lighting sources such as scented candles for a romantic mood.

    No one likes a messy bedroom, so be sure to include plenty of storage. Spacious and practical, wardrobes are a fantastic storage solution. Suited to a range of classic and sophisticated interiors, the French White Hand Carved Double Armoire Wardrobe boasts exquisite artisan craftsmanship and would look divine paired with our French White Carved Dressing Table With Mirror. A popular choice as they can serve almost every storage purpose, a chest of drawers is a great way to organize your space while displaying framed photos, candles or lamps. Here we have the trendy French Style Vicomte 7 Drawers Chest which exudes timeless appeal and functionality, a must-have for your bedroom.

    What makes you feel safe and calm?

    Your bedroom is your sanctuary and no one else’s, it’s the mirror of your life representing your most intimate self. Favourite pictures, cherished items, books. Think about what reflects your personality and surround yourself with good energies. Make sure to factor in accessories such as painted art, tapestries and elements of nature. In addition to adding a tropical ambiance and being beautifully eye-catching, plants provide a better indoor climate and help find peace and serenity. Taking the time to create a comforting and homey bedroom can increase your happiness levels. Transforming your bedroom into a peaceful oasis is such an important and beneficial interior project, you will sleep better than ever in your new Chic Bedroom.

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