Dining Chairs

Choosing the ideal dining chairs is vital for the overall look of your dining room. It’s all about finding the perfect balance in matching colors and style. We have Classical Louis french dining chairs to Rustic French Farmhouse Cross-back Dining Chairs which accomplish traditional style of the room, Elegant Upholstered High Back Dining Chairs that create classy ambiance, Modern Style Dining Chairs for those who seek that modern twist and Leather Dining Chairs for masculine interiors.

Dining Chairs are Important Accessory

A dining chair is an important accessory in perfectly complementing a dining table. Your dining chair should be strong, sturdy, stylish and affordable. It sometimes gets difficult to find such chairs having all these qualities. Due to a whole lot of variety available, you sometimes get confused about what kind of chair you should choose and where to find the chair you that you want to buy. A good dining chair lasts for years so just don’t settle with something that is just okay.

You don’t need to miss a stunning dining table just because it doesn't come with chairs. It is not important that the tables and chairs of a dining table should match. You should go with the Classical Dining Chairs that suit your table's scale and style.

How to Choose Perfect Dining Chair

While buying dining chairs for your dining chair, do consider the following points:

Scale of Dining Chair

For your ease and comfort, the scales of your dining chair and table must be compatible with each other. For this purpose, most dining tables range from 28 to 31 inches high from top of the table to the floor. The height of 30 inch is the most common.

Height of Chair Seat

For finding the approximate seat height of the chair for your table, try your table with a mix of different chairs while buying. Pay high attention to your comfort level while dining out.

Style of Chair

Your dining table and chair should look good with each other. The style of the dining chair must be compatible with your dining table. The common elements while selecting a dining chair are the color, the functionality, the level of formality and the texture itself.

Types of Dining Chairs

La Maison Chic Classical Dining Chairs come in a broad range of variety and texture thus giving you so many choices of selecting a perfect dining chair for you. Here are some types of dining chairs listed down:

Arm Chairs

These chairs usually add character and depth to the head as well as foot of the table. These chairs add a formal look in your dining area. These chairs can take a lot of forms ranging from ladder backs to fully upholstered chairs.

Wing-back Chairs

These chairs provide a look that is both cozy and tidy thus complementing your dining table style in a great way. These chairs are usually available in the upholstered style, so while buying these chairs explore all the different fabric options. These chairs feature clean fabric and patterned stuff that create a lot of possibilities to fit into any kind of dining room.

Side Chairs

Side chairs are considered as a dinner time staple while taking their name from the fact that they can easily sit along the side of the table and can occupy the ends too. The options available for the side chairs are just endless whether it be the casual style or the formal one.

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