Industrial and Loft Furniture

Industrial style furniture used to be designed for warehouses and factories only. The main idea behind it was the function rather than the appeal. But times has changed and industrial furniture has become one of the most popular choices for home as well as commercial purposes. Even in its bare look, this furniture looks very trendy and modern. Vintage furniture and accessories based on the industrial style are extremely popular. Be it a suburban or a city home, this design of furniture can totally finish the interior look. Industrial furniture can be placed against any backdrop or interior. They seamlessly fit into any color scheme and décor. Whatever is your style or personality, industrial vintage furniture will fit in perfectly. What kind of materials are used in producing Industrial Furniture? Industrial style furniture such as Industrial bedsides, Industrial coffee tables, Industrial chest of drawers, luggage cases, Industrial sideboards and Industrial consoles are mainly made from solid materials. Predominantly they are made from metal and wood, this type of furniture looks rugged. If you are looking for robust furniture that will suit perfectly with your room décor, then this is it for you! Though originally made for an entirely serious purpose, Industrial luggage furniture has found its way in every aspect of lifestyle. Industrial Loft style of furniture is moreof masculine looking. The style and design we are talking about in this category is something that can be used for various purposes. A wooden work bench can become a kitchen table, tractor seat can be transformed into a bar stool. Industrial furniture has been developed and modified over the years but always kept the industrial materials intact. The newly invented furniture is seen to suit into a variety of places. Raw metals and reclaimed wood are widely used in modern apartments, bars and restaurants.

Types of Industrial furniture

  • Industrial bedsides

    These can be finished in metal and in timber. Handcrafted of solid reclaimed timbers from salvaged wood, loft style bedsidesare uncomplicated and functional in design. A salute to neat and modern style, each piece honors the modest beauty of recycled wood and metal.
  • Industrial coffee tables

    Coffee tables are a best seller within the range. Though some say that they look best in timber but no doubt, there are very fascinating ones even in metal finish. Check out the unique designs in metal.
  • Industrial Chest of Drawers

    Chest of drawers is one of the most necessary items in our homes. They need to be sturdy and appealing at the same time. Choose from a wide variety of them in timber, metal, mirrored, etc. Industrial furniture offers a wide variety of items. Consider having a table lamp in this style. Furniture that is mostly characterized by an unfinished and raw look is what you can expect in industrial vintage furniture. Even though some designs or furniture may look they have been taken straight out of a factory, it has got particular charm to it! Furniture makers are achieving this look with the help of reclaimed wood or using rustic materials mainly.
  • Loft furniture

    Loft furniture in industrial spaces is very important. The main idea behind loft furniture is that they provide enough space to the rest of the place. This furniture tends to be sleek in design and do not take up much of the space. Materials such as timber, steel, iron and others are used in making such furniture. One can opt for a timber table that can be used to keep office items at a corner. Racks or shelves are very useful in offices to store essential documents or items. In that case one can opt for iron shelves. Another very useful item is the magazine rock or holder which can be used to keep magazines, books or every day use documents.
  • Industrial chairs

    Industrial chairs mean comfortable chairs. Comfort that would reap productivity is what industrial chairs are all about. Manager chairs are made out of leather. They are super comfortable and easy to work on. For those who want to avoid leather, they can opt for fabric manager chair. Mesh chairs are also great for the employees of the office. They create the right image giving a unique look. Visitor chairs are a must. Every office should have a number of such chairs.
  • Industrial tables

    Tables form a crucial part of very office. They are a must in office furniture. There are several options that you can choose from. Keeping in mind a company’s specifications, we have kept a range of table options. Boardroom tables generally found in the meeting rooms are a must. You can also go for glass boardroom tables. If you have set up your office in a classic way, then you may want to add the range of classic tables. They are antique in style. Centre glass tables, flip-top tables, coffee tables, folding tables are other options.
  • Industrial stools

    Stools are seen to be quite useful in industries. Many people particularly find themselves more productive when they are sitting on stools. With an increased height in comparison to chairs, these are a super stylish option. There are a range of stool options with us. You can opt for high metal stools. Various styles are found in metal stools. Depending on your choice, you could find antique, modern, trendy, office and other stools.
  • Industrial shelves Can we think office without shelves? The ultimate spaces where the loads of documents and other office essentials can be stored. Shelves provide a good solution to office documents storage. As these are open, one can easily locate the particular thing they are looking in that shelf. There are particular shelves for industrial purposes. These have a sleek look and design. Appropriate for office purpose, you can get them whenever your office needs one. If there is need for archiving confidential documents, then you can use the document & archive shelving.
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