Beds and Headboards

Beds become a very important object in our bedrooms. Whether it is a contemporary or classical French bed it has to be comfortable & designed to be an inspired focal point of the bedroom. Usually the bed is a starting point to designing the bedroom. People choose their beds wisely and often have a larger budget for the bed to get the right one and making sure it is comfortable. It is not bad to spend a little extra on a good bed as it is going to last you for a long time. Check out the options we provide so that you can make the right choice—

French Bed

These are for the ones who love to have elegent beds in their bedrooms. Your room set up should be as such that a French bed goes perfectly with it. You can choose from a variety of soft colours that fall under the category of French beds. Choose from white & ivory which is a very popular among customers. This poses the perfect romantic picture for your bedroom. Then there is black, silver, golden, natural wood, coloured, etc. you get to pick something from the four poster beds, metal beds, crushed velvet beds, fabric beds and others. There are many attractive French Beds to choose from.

Linen Beds

You can choose any type of linen you want for your bed. Choose from cotton, silk, rayon or any other thing that you might like. We have the collection that includes everything. As per your requirements, we will tailor our beds accordingly. We are here to give you the best experience in linens. We also prepare customized bed linens if you tell us your needs.

White Painted Beds

You can create a beautiful ambience in your bedroom with white painted beds. There is always the possibility of creating white beds. People generally choose this type if they want to have a fresh and calm feeling in their bedrooms. There can be contemporary high-gloss beds, storage beds, guest beds as well as beds that are antique in look. Everything is available at our corner. This type of bed is used to create a color coded bedroom. From classical to modern, you can get everything for everyone. Choose single beds for kids. There is a lot to choose from.

Carved Beds

There are customers who like to have carved beds in their bedrooms. This is probably like a little drama even in their beds. These beds add a lot of classical appeal to the room. They give the right touch to the room. If you are one who likes to have their beds as the point of attention in their bedrooms, then you should get one of these. They are found in varied colors and textures.

Upholstered Beds

If you are doubtful about what upholstered beds are, then get rid of the confusion. This is a type of bed that has soft fabric frames that adorn the beds. They look very luxurious. As they are available in different colours, you can get to pick anything you like. There is a rising demand for these beds. You can tailor it to suit your bedroom. Match the color of the bed with the rest of your bedroom. Or, you can even go for a contrasting colour!These are the type of beds you will find at us. Each product is made with much care and attention. Each one of the products is available at reasonable prices. Call us to book your bed now!Helpful Information articles regarding beds;Picking the correct bed size for your bedroom
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