Whether it's traditional or contemporary chandeliers it's possibly the best statement lighting piece to feature in a room. You have a dining room chandelier over a dining table or simply wish to add sparkle with a crystal chandelier, a big chandelier could become a room’s focal point easily. They can add a comfy ambience which has been missing for quite a long time or could even brighten up an area. Well, the size of Chandelier you would need will depend upon the place where you wish to install it. Like for example, in a dining room, the simple size rule is that the chandelier has to be nearly 12 inches narrower than the surface of the dining table. The design even has to possess about 4 feet of distance from room walls. If you follow these basic guidelines, then the chandelier won’t appear to be overcrowded but in fact, will fill the space. We offer a wide collection of chandeliers that include best quality brands even. With our chandelier, simply create a sophisticated entryway, adorn a small alcove or add a relishing touch to your bedroom or dining space.

French Chandeliers

French Chandeliers are characterised by the magnificent juxtaposition between rustic and elegant elements. Elegant and beautifully ornate pieces often are combined with tarnished metals and distressed furniture. Our collection of these pieces comprise of traditional detailing with light coloured palettes and old metals. Such designs would invoke an old warm charm and vintage style. No matter which one of our collection you select, it is assured to become the star of your room. The entire range of these pieces is versatile and amazing.

Cut Glass Chandelier

We are offering a comprehensive collection of cut glass chandelier for affixing and meeting the diverse needs of our admired customers. Our range of these elegant pieces is formed employing the best quality raw materials along with unconventional methods. They are even inspected on various aspects to assure that we deliver flawless products at the premises of customers.

Wooden Chandelier

Our wide selection of wooden chandelier possesses a delightful sense of stylish roughness. They are nostalgic, earthy as well as without sham. To boost the look of your room, you can choose any one of these unique pieces for accent lighting. All our products are capable to be a superb centerpiece which differentiates your rustic décor and style.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are well-known for their sophisticated look and magnificent sparkle. Our selection of these pieces is capable to transform one drab space into an attractive one. They are grand and large but aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution for all rooms. It can be a good option to fix in a sitting room or dining room. Choose a piece that will catch attention without being overbearing.

Chrome Chandelier

A Chrome chandelier can be an outstanding option for your interior as it could coordinate with almost all palettes and even comes in a varied range of styles. We have brought up many of these options in an array of styles and sizes. You are assured to find the perfect fixture for all rooms. Stunning yet affordable luxury chandeliers, with our range of large & bold Chandeliers offering a great focal point in any room. We have a vast range of french chandeliers ranging from wooden chandeliers to glamorous cut glass chandeliers to add that beautiful sparkle. Browse our beautiful collection of chandeliers below.
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