Beautiful French Dressers at La Maison Chic

French Dressers Complete your Home

Most of the time,  it’s a touch of French Dressers that truly brings class and comfort to interiors of a home no matter what another kind of a furniture you already have in your home. It is that touch of natural elegance that gives your home a complete look. It is a difficult task to pick a quality dresser to enhance the interior of your home. The issue with picking a sophisticated dresser is that people usually concentrate on how the dresser look but forget to pay a considerate amount of attention to the quality and material used in this dresser.

French Furniture has its unique quality, texture craftsmanship and style. Genuine French furniture will always hold its quality and value thus making itself a good choice. If you are willing to buy French furniture, before making any purchase, make sure you know the difference between authentic and reproductive French furniture.

How to select a quality French Dresser

Paying some attention and simple care while buying dressers will save you from spending plenty of cash and tons of troubles thus making it easy for you to pick quality French Dressers. A genuine French furniture shows its age inside and out. Genuine French furniture pieces are usually handmade and you can recognize them with the help of extremely neat craftsmanship. The wood of this kind of furniture usually has an aged appearance, color or quirks.

Here are some techniques listed down to help you in buying a high-class French Dressers for your home:

  1. Large Bolt Screws

French furniture usually has large bolt screws. These large bolt screws are clearly visible at the base and where the cornice meets the slides.

  1. Adornments

Genuine French furniture usually has some beautiful adornments such as detailed handles etc. The handles of French furniture are uniquely different. British furniture usually has screw in hinges but a genuine French furniture does not have them. French furniture never contains hinges at all.

  1. Material

Most of the French furniture are made of chestnut, oak or cherry wood. If the piece you are buying is stated as being pine, you should checks if the item is particularly painted or not. If the furniture has suspiciously orange colored pine interior, you should be concerned about that because it can be a reproductive piece.

Types of French Dressers

  1. Highboy French Dressers

Highboy French Dressers are usually made with two separate pieces which are a base chest of drawers supporting an upper chest of drawers.

  1. Lowboy French Dressers

Lowboy French Dressers are a single, low-profile chest of drawers that essentially look like a desk-like dresser. It gives you a waist-high dressing table where you can keep personal stuff inside and on top.

  1. Bombe French Dressers

Bombe French Dressers usually have emerged, convex curves on all sides. This style refers to dressers which have a wave-like, undulating drawer fronts that form a convex curve between two concave curves.

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